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Eat delicious

To all our wonderful family, friends, and customers.

It is with mixed emotions, we announce the closing of our business, Dinner and Company, Gourmet Catering. We will shut our doors on Friday, December 23rd at noon. We had an amazing 13-year run, and we thank you all so much for that. As we get older, it is time to ease our lives a little bit because as we all know, life is too short. The last 2 years we have worked so hard to keep our little business up and running. We are not going to lie, it was a lot of stress, early mornings, and late nights but we survived thanks to all you folks! The current situation with staffing shortage and food/gas cost had a lot of effects on our decision to close but at the end of the day and although change is hard, it is time for a change. We are not sure what our amazing Chef will do next, but it will not be in the food industry. We will not be opening back up our daily lunches or trays to go, but we are still going to cater. Please be sure to reach out to Barry for your thanksgiving and holiday party needs. Thank you to our hundreds of brides and grooms and clients throughout all the years. Barry, Rachael & Logan

We take great pride in the safety of our customers whom may have food allergies. We have spilt our kitchen in half and have dedicated equipment, fryolators,  workspace and cooking utensils for all the gluten free foods we make. We are safe for both gluten sensitive and our customers with celiac as well as shellfish, tree nuts/peanuts, sesame and soy allergies. 

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