Make your next event or social gathering one to remember.

Please call Chef Barry at (508) 282-1813 to discuss your catering order. Giving the staffing issues at this time & lack of inventory, please note we require one weeks notice for all orders.

All trays and platters are served in re-heatable aluminum pans and disposable platters.


Wire rack chafing dish and sterno available for $6 each or our stainless chafing dishes and sterno available for rent for $12 each. 

Trays and platters do not come with plates, napkins or utensils. 

Small trays and platters accommodate 8-10 people

Large trays and platters accommodate 18-20 people


GF Buffalo chicken dip with corn tortilla's $48 (sm) $89 (lg)

GF Italian meatballs marinara $48 (sm) $89 (lg)

GF Swedish meatballs $48 (sm) $89 (lg)

GF Barry's chicken fingers w/H. Mustard $48 (sm) $89 (lg)

GF Buffalo chicken fingers w/bc or ranch $55 (sm) $118 (lg)

GF Bone-in southern fried wings w/ ranch $55 (sm) $118 (lg)

GF Potato skins (bacon, cheddar, scallion, SC) $48 (sm) $89 lg)


GF Caesar w/ housemade croutons $35 (sm) $68 (lg)

GF Green w/ housemade croutons with choice of dressing

Italian - Ranch - Blue Cheese - Balsamic - Parmesan Peppercorn $35 (sm) $68 (lg)

GF Harvest (cranberries, pecans & goat cheese) w/ balsamic $45 (sm) $88 (lg) 

GF 3 Cabbage & cheddar slaw $40 (sm) $78 (lg)

GF Baked potato salad $45 (sm) $88 (lg)


GF Baked mac & cheese $48 (sm) $89 (lg)

GF Bacon mac & cheese $50 (sm) $98 (lg)

GF Buffalo chicken mac and cheese $50 (sm) $98 (lg)

GF Pasta primavera $50 (sm) $98 (lg)

GF Pasta alfredo $50 (sm) $98 (lg)

GF Shells w/marinara sauce $48 (sm) $89 (lg)

GF Italian roasted potatoes $45 (sm) $88 (lg)

GF Red skin mashed potatoes $45 (sm) $88 (lg)

GF Roasted veggies $45 (sm) $88 (lg)


GF Chicken parmesan $60 (sm) $118 (lg)

GF Eggplant parmesan $58 (sm) $114 (lg)

GF Texas Chicken (bbq, scallion, bacon, jack cheese) $62 (sm) $120 (lg)

GF Chicken cordon blue w/ a dijon scallion cream sauce) $60 (sm) $118 (lg)

GF Barry's chicken (roasted tomatoes, boursin cheese, bacon & cheddar $62 (sm) $120 (lg)

GF Italian sausage, peppers, onions. $60 (sm) $118 (lg)

GF BBQ pulled pork $60 (sm) $118 (lg)

GF Cracker baked haddock $75 (sm) $148 (lg)

GF Boneless beef short ribs - market price (sm) (Lg)

GF Smothered sirloin tips - market price (sm) (lg) 



Asst. GF wraps (chicken salad, veggie hummus, turkey blt, chicken cordon blue, Italian, roast beef) 

$72 (sm) $140 (lg)

Asst. GF ciabatta (country ham & cheese, roast beef, roasted turkey, caprese, Italian)

$80 (sm) $155 (lg)




1 dozen GF jumbo chocolate chuck cookies $36

1 dozen GF jumbo s'mores cookies $36

1 dozen GF funfetti cupcakes $36

1 dozen GF oreo cupcakes $36

GF Fresh fruit $45 (sm) $88 (lg)